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We are Florida’s  #1 Blood cleanup, biohazard cleanup and  crime scene cleanup company. We are  in the business of ensuring that you, your family, and your home/property gets the protection it needs from potential bio-hazards after an uforseen event. Our technicians are trained in decontamination and sterilization. With years of experience in everything from hoarder houses, unattended deaths, suicideshomicides and blood cleanup we offer a fully equipped staff that has both your environmental and emotional needs in mind. We are fully licensed, insured and bonded.Absolute Crime & Trauma Bio-Clean is located in Central Florida in Seminole county local to Orlando,fl and Orange County, our fast and professional cleaning services are available in all 67 counties in the state Florida 24hrs a day.Free estimates on every call.

Absolute Bio-Clean
“When cleaning absolutely matters.”
The Blood Cleanup Experts
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Blood Cleanup Florida
Automobiles / Boats / Busses / Planes / Law Enforcement Vehicles in Florida
Suicide Cleanup Florida
Sewage Backup Cleaning
Crime Scene Cleanup Florida
Filth House Cleanup Florida
Unattended Death Cleanup Florida
Bloodborne Pathogen Cleanup
H1N1 Disinfecting Florida
Jail Cell Cleanup Florida
Homicide Cleanup Florida 
Cleaning of unsafe dwellings 
Accident Cleanup Florida
Hoarder House Cleanup Florida
Vandalism Cleanup
Animal Hoarder House Cleanup Florida
Tear Gas Removal Florida
Dead Animal & Animal Waste Removal Florida
Fingerprint Dust Removal in Florida
Bio-Waste Removal
Odor Removal Company in Florida
Firearm / Weapon Removal Florida



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Biohazard - Blood - Crime Scene Cleaning. Orlando - Florida - Statewide - Free Estimates - Immediate Response
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